If you answer yes to 4 or more of these questions you may be suffering from adrenal overload...

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  1. Do you continually feel tired, unrelieved by sleep?
  2. Do you crave salt or salty foods?
  3. Are your thoughts less focused and more fuzzy?
  4. Do you sweat more than normal?
  5. Do you suffer from apathy or depression?
  6. Do you experience an energy slump during the day?
  7. Do you get impatient if people or things hold you up?
  8. Do you take longer to recover from a cold or virus?
  9. Do you handle stress less well?

Like all the organs in your body your adrenal glands need nutrients too. By doing a home saliva test we can determine which nutrients you need to help restore equilibrium to your overstretched adrenal glands.
A program is set up to incorporate dietary and lifestyle changes along with supplements to activate these changes.

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