Metabolic Balance

Ruth is also a Metabolic Balance Consultant, this is an award winning indivualised programme which resets your metabolism and reduces inflammation whilst re-aligning your hormones to allow weight regulation to occur, whether you want to lose or to gain.

Ruth is delighted to offer Metabolic Balance to anyone who wants to be empowered by good health.

Of Metabolic Balance, Ruth says “the results are remarkable, 12 days into the programme of eating the foods that were chosen for me from my blood test, I lay in the bath and just laughed and laughed, I had got my body back like I was in my twenties, I had achieved my weight goals and I had more energy.”

It is known as the best anti-aging, anti-inflammatory food plan around. It is also without doubt the only weight management programme that I would recommend. It uses real food at real times.

What is Metabolic Balance?

metabolic balance® is an award winning individualised, life time food plan that re-sets your metabolism and hormone levels naturally, leading to a healthy weight.

It is based on a blood test which shows which foods suit your metabolic and hormonal biochemistry. In the process it reduces inflammation, the evil to all major health problems.

The programme was developed in 2002 by Dr Wolf Funfack, a German expert in nutritional medicine and Silvia Burkle, a food scientist. It has been researched and developed over 25 years, is well established in Europe and benefits from scientific proof as well as over 400,000 success stories of clients improved health, vitality and weight loss.

 How does it work?

Metabolic Balance basically resets your hormone levels, in particular insulin. Insulin is the hormone that stops us accessing our fat stores, so when we eat the wrong foods, levels increase and we struggle to lose weight. By eating the right foods, at the right times we keep insulin low, we help create another hormone called glucagon which allows the liver to burn fat for energy. This resets our metabolism, when that balances we start to feel and see the benefits.

The practicalities

The lovely thing about  metabolic balance®  is that it is

    • SPECIFIC – it uses real food bought from any supermarket.

    • PERSONALISED – the blood sample is yours, so the foods are specific to resetting YOUR metabolism.

    • FRAMEWORK FOR LIFE – You can use it for the rest of your life, even once or twice a year if you wish.

Key to its success is eating 3 main meals per day with a 5 hour gap between each meal and you are only allowed gentle exercise during the first 16 days. This is because high intensity exercise puts the body into carbohydrate burning. With little exercise during this key phase you switch on the fat burning stores.

The specifics of Metabolic Balance

Once your blood has been analysed against 35 laboratory health values, you are given a personalised nutritional plan. The programme is divided into 4 phases which last just over 3 months.

Phase 1 is a mild two day detoxification and preparation phase.

Phase 2 is a strict 14 day adjustment period, where you enjoy the foods that help to realign your metabolism. This is when you will start to see and feel the improvements whilst your body is being replenished by missing nutrients.

Phase 3 is a more relaxed phase where extra foods are introduced including treats. You can stay on this phase until you achieve your desired goals.

Phase 4 is called the maintenance phase, when you are happy with your new weight and vitality, where you apply the principles to sustain your well being, empowerment at it’s best !.

 Metabolic Balance addresses:

    • Cravings and weight issues

    • Glucose and fat metabolism disorders

    • Fatigue / low energy

    • Blood pressure and cholesterol issues

    • Arthritic and rheumatic conditions

    • Insomnia and snoring

    • Headaches / Migraines

    • Poor digestion / IBS

    • Allergy / skin disorders

    • Hormone / menopausal symptoms

    • Osteoporosis

Ruth draws on over 17 years of clinical nutritional experience and is passionate and committed to continued health and well being.

She offers a complete  metabolic balance® plan, which includes an initial blood test kit, the blood analysis giving information on 35 medical markers, a personalised food plan that lasts for life and 5 nutrition appointments to support you along the way. During each appointment you are given a print out from the body composition scales logging your weight, body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, water percentage, physique rating, visceral fat,  BMI, BMR indicators and Metabolic Age. This allows you to monitor changes within the body as you notice improved symptoms during the programme.


Dear Ruth
Thank you for introducing me to metabolic balance , when I first visited you in January I was 25 lb over weight, depressed, having lots of colds and flu, cold sores ever other week. What I was eating was bloating my stomach so badly. Although I loved the gym I had not worked out for a few months due to lack of energy, nor was I sleeping through the night.
So as you can see I was a complete mess, body and mind , I had my blood test, the results came back really quickly, then my food and meal ideas, On my second visit Ruth  explained everything, starting with a two day detox followed by 14 days strict, I lost 8lbs. You then have phase 3 in which you add more foods and oils and you can exercise.
I have stayed on this for about ten weeks, as of the 18th April I have lost 22lb, I feel absolutely amazing! I sleep all night through, doing my gym work outs, I had a chest infection did not bother to go to the doctors as I did not feel ill with it and it sorted it's self out. This is not a diet but foods you can stay on for the rest of your life .
I would recommend anyone to try this program it's amazing for your health and wellbeing.
Thank you again


The sense of relief Metabolic Balance has brought me is worth its weight in gold. When I met Ruth I was incredibly unhappy, depressed, anxious and obese. I was stuck in an endless cycle of binge/comfort eating and then dieting, usually an unsustainable fad diet. 


Within 2 weeks of starting my MB plan I began to feel better in myself. The structure of Metabolic Balance has helped me find a reassuring rhythm to my eating patterns. For the first time in ages I am enjoying preparing, cooking and eating! 


I have now lost all my desired weight and now have regular periods, my self esteem has improved.

I cannot thank Ruth enough, I do believe the whole process has changed my life.


I am very grateful for Ruth's passion for Metabolic Balance but also her passion for nurturing the mind, body, spirit and soul. Her support and belief in me gave me confidence to continue.

It has been a pleasure to get to know Ruth .

S J, Kidderminster




I can certainly attest of the mood, energy and health benefits of the Metabolic Balance Programme. It certainly delivers improvements quickly.


Ruth provided very good support to help me improve my health. After a lengthy demanding career in a big corporate world, that meant, like many of us with busy lives, I wasn't focused on nutrition.


This is excellent advice supported by great doctors like Michael Moseley and Rangan Chatterjee.

C P, Worcester

For further information visit or call Ruth on 01905 345860 / 07980 183656 or send an email.




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