Reflexology involves working on various pressure or reflex points on the feet which relate to different parts of the body. This is no new theory, Egyptians greatly respected the feet and regarded them as windows to the body. North American Indians used foot massage in the treatment of "ill ease". Dr William Fitzgerald brought this theory to fruition in the early 1900's. He related ten vertical zones in the body corresponding to the feet and hands. These ending points in the feet are worked, through energy and nerve pathways to bring about certain effects in the body. The aim is to normalise, relax and rebalance the body to bring about a state of homeostasis.

Our bodies are equipped with wonderful self-healing facilities. However these often fail to work properly because the vital pathways are blocked due to degeneration and the stresses and strains of modern life styles. Reflexology aims to redress that situation by reducing stress and congestion, boosting the immune system and accelerating the repair work done by the body.

Since it treats the entire person, not just the symptoms, reflexology is a holistic therapy, it is also non invasive as only the feet are accessed. Not only does it help repair, it brings about a wonderful feeling of relaxation. Ruth uses a deep treatment (advanced reflexology) and can sometimes be painful but is extremely effective. Ruth's nutritional knowledge of the body greatly helps give a profound treatment.

Ruth is a very experienced reflexologist, having trained in 1994 and has been practising ever since, she believes wholeheartedly in this therapy and has seen many client's, with many differing ailments improve hugely over the years.


The last 2 years have been an incredibly stressful period for me and this has really taken it’s toll on my mental and physical health.  I had very low energy levels, and found it very difficult to be able to think clearly, let alone make a decision. My sleep pattern was all over the place and I found it almost impossible to switch of and relax.  My diet was also very poor due to stress eating and I had lost interest in taking care of myself as I had always previously done.
Ruth was recommended to me by a relative, who had seen superb results from her Reflexology Treatments and suggested I tried this.
Well, WOW !!! is all I can say.
Following my first Reflexology Treatment, I had 2-3 days where my body went into a deep detox and I slept so well in the evenings.  Then on the 4th day I woke feeling like a massive weight had been lifted from me, I had a much more positive attitude, I felt for the first time I had clarify of thought/focus and was able to address those things that I had been putting off dealing with.  My energy levels were considerably greater than they had previously been and I felt like I was coming alive again.  Simply incredible, after only one treatment.
Ruth also has give me some very good advice with regards to my diet, which I have also taken on-board and put into practise and will continue to have weekly treatments for sometime.
Adam (worcester)

Please contact Ruth for further information about particular ailments or issues.



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