Frozen Peach and Raspberry Yoghurt


A refreshing pudding or snack for children - to clear the palate.

Peach and Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt             Serves 6


6 ripe peaches, chopped and frozen, cut into small pieces

400g frozen raspberries

500g plain full fat yoghurt

2 tablespoons honey (if desired)

30g ground almonds or toasted ground hazelnuts


Place the peaches in a blender and roughly blitz, add the frozen raspberries and blend until smooth, the seeds will still remain.

Add the yoghurt, honey and almonds and process until all the ingredients are combined.

Serve immediately.


Although this is actually a summer recipe, during the winter months of central heating we need to protect our skin, so it makes sense to eat lots of anti-oxidant fruits such as berries, peaches, nectarines, papaya, blackcurrants, passion fruit and cherries, indeed all of these would be suitable for this recipe.

Both peaches and raspberries are high in vitamin A, vital for skin health. Without this vitamin, skin will age and become unhealthy, there is simply no alternative for healthy skin at cellular level. Protein is the builder of healthy skin, provided by the yoghurt and almonds, it also helps to support blood sugar, thus sustaining energy and reduce cravings. This is an easy, refreshing, breakfast, snack or dessert for any age group, using any summer fruit.


© Ruth Pretty 2011