nutty ganola pictureA delicious, healthy, gluten free, nutty granola breakfast. In the run up to Christmas we are all busy, ever more important to start the day with a good breakfast which will help your energy, powering you through the day. Can be enjoyed as a great snack.



1kg of a mixture of your favourite nuts and seeds

(pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, brazil, flaked almonds, coconut slivers, pumpkin, sunflower)

60ml warm water

60ml coconut oil

60ml maple syrup


Roughly chop the nuts. You can briefly blitz the nuts in a food processor if you prefer.

Mix everything together in a bowl, place in a roasting tin and cook 160 C for 20 minutes, remove from the oven and stir, this is important otherwise the nuts will burn around the edges.

Return to the oven for another 10 minutes, stir again and cook for a further 10 minutes if necessary.

Serve with fruit and milk of your choice as a breakfast or snack.


Nuts and seeds are full of protein which supports our blood sugar, good when we have energy slumps or busy days. Protein builds healthy hormones, skin, nails and repairs and supports all our organs.

Nuts and seeds are also packed with essential fats, great for our brains, improving concentration and memory, also our hearts, eyes, hormones and skin.

During the Christmas stressful time, our adrenals need more support, so giving them protein to start the day is a great way of dealing with stress hormones.

Coconut oil is a superb form of saturated fat, metabolised by the body for energy and not stored as fatty deposits, so another reason why this is a great slow release energy food.


© Ruth Pretty 2011