Chestnut Caraway Crackers

These deliciuos Gluten Free crackers can be used as a snack or even a portable breakfast, they are great for maintaining energy and concentration.

Chestnut Caraway Crackers (gluten, grain and animal dairy free)


2 tablespoons coconut oil melted

1 tsp sea salt

125g ground almonds

415g (1 x can) of Merchant Gourmet chestnut puree (Sainsbury’s, Waitrose)

60 g of flax seed or mixed seeds

1 tsp cumin powder

1 tsp caraway seeds

½ tsp cumin seeds

Black pepper


  • Mix everything together in a food processor, then spread the paste onto a grease proof lined oven tray (10 x 14 “/25cm x 35cm) using a spatula, right to the edges, as thin as possible.

  • Bake at 190 C for however long to make brown and ‘toasty’, check them after 15 minutes and score them into cracker sizes with a knife, leave for about 10 minutes and turn them over if you would like them extra crunchy.

  • Store in an airtight container in fridge to keep crispy.

  • Enjoy with cheese / hummus / dips / avocado as a snack or a portable mini meal.




    Coconut oil is a wonderful medium chain fatty acid used directly by the liver and converted into energy, so is useful if you are working or going to the gym as well as adding a nutty taste to the biscuits.

    Ground Almonds are an excellent form of protein to boost your energy and power you through your day, maintaining slow release energy. Almonds are high in potassium, magnesium and calcium great for bone health and general cell health.

    Chestnut is a clever food, it is part complex carbohydrate and protein so helps to maintain even blood sugar release, stopping those cravings and keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

    Seeds are part protein and part essential oils so help maintain healthy joints, heart, skin and hormones.




© Ruth Pretty 2011