Seeded Gluten Free Bread (Breadmaker)

This is like good old fashioned bread, with a yummy crust, you won't be able to resist the first slice!




2 large eggs

300ml warm water (40C)

45ml olive oil

5 ml apple cider vinegar

250 g brown rice flour

50g potato flour

100g tapioca flour

15g xanthum gum

60g skimmed milk powder or almod if dairy free

2 teaspoons Himalyan salt

20g sugar

8g dried yeast

15g EACH of pumpkin, sunflower and linseeds



    1. Choose either the gluten free or normal setting on your bread maker. Mine takes 2 hours 40 minutes.
    1. Warm the bread pan with hot tap water, half full.
    1. Mix the olive oil and cider vinegar together.
    1. Measure the flours together in 1 bowl.
    1. Whisk the eggs in another bowl.
    1. Add 185ml of boiling water and 115ml of tap water to the eggs, whisking to make a froth, add the oil mixture whisking all the time.
    1. Empty the water from the bread pan.
    1. Tip the egg mixture into the bread pan.
    1. Sieve the flours into the egg mixture.
    1. Sprinkle on the xanthum gum, milk powder and sugar.
    1. Add salt to one corner.
    1. Add the yeast to another corner.
    1. Add the seeds.
    1. Place the bread pan in the machine.
    1. Set to cook. I use the medium colour control.
    1. You can add poppy seeds when it has finished mixing and before rising.
    1. Cool before eating.


I slice mine and freeze each slice separately to take out and eat as I need. Do not buy potato starch, it needs to be potato flour.


© Ruth Pretty 2011